Hostile CS

by Nazi Dentist

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released September 15, 2012

Recorded 15/07/12 and 09/09/12 by M. Cook @ Sun Distortion Studios
Additional vocals by M. Buchanan on 'Hostile'



all rights reserved


Nazi Dentist Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Hostile
Hostile thoughts of contentment
Beckoning for the worst
Tell me it’s all in my head
It dictates my life

To wish I was beneath this world
To die whilst my heart’s still beating
Each morning, the sun still rises
But one day I’ll stop breathing

Yet not matter what I say or do
My vices makes me stay this way
Yet no matter what I say or do
I cannot live another day
Track Name: Black And Blue
It was the bite before the sting
Now I’m scared of what is left
I etched your name into my mind
To remind me all that I have lost

Open wounds drowned by lies
The burden weighs upon me now
Guilt left unshifted or noticed
Take these words and heed to it
Don’t put trust into anyone.

Fuck you.
Track Name: Juvenile Trash
It’s only guilty if you know it’s pleasure
Spoke forked tongues more than once
Break my chest. Rip my bones
Sever everything that I’ve become

Bad habits die hard
Can’t break this routine
I’ve become a lost cause
This will end me
Track Name: Rhetorical Reaction
It’s nursing my wretched dependence

A planted seed of paranoia
I’m weak and I need to breathe
Chaos begins to smother me
Where were you?

Take these wringing hands
And put them around my neck

Solitude's my company 

Not your abhorrence
Where were you?

Your back is turned to me
Mute, yet your lips still move in sync
Track Name: Death's Cadence
Can’t close my eyes without the fear
Of darkness taking over me
Heartbeat racing, stomach turning
I’m in hell and fucking burning

Eternity’s tight grip holds me close
That is what I dread the most
Memories will live their last days
Trapped inside this temperament

Living to reform, dying to conform
Living to impress, dying to oppress
Track Name: The Nunnery
Sanguine hands. Tainted lies.
Drown me. Devour me.
Absent mind. Spineless swine.
Vivid romantic. Useless time.

Please forgive me, God,
For I have truly sinned

No cheap holy water

Can purify this lapse

I have made my own bed

Nail my palms to the post

I have dug my own grave

Why don’t you climb inside?